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Fundația Triade

20 October


Art in the public space

Masterplan for art is a complex multidisciplinary project for the spatial reading and programming of art in the public space. It coherently continues, on a different level, the same concerns that the foundation has showed in its past decade of activity, adding the multiple benefits of the cultural partnership it has built during the Art Encounters Biennial in 2015 where the foundation was included, together with other coordinating and partner entities (Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara City Hall, the Office for Culture and the Romanian Order of Architects, Timiș branch) which was concretized through a large-scale event.

The project aims to generate the aknowledgement of art's importance in the public spaces of Timișoara, to help create a debate platform and to coagulate a partnership between various involved entities, from multiple perspectives, so as to better manage public spaces.

The project's objectives are the following:

a. identifying low quality areas, that could be opened to interventions coming even from the directly related communities

b. defining platform-type spaces, that could host temporary interventions followed by a contest

c. defining categories of works that could be adapted to certain themed areas and to identify possible routes between them

d. defining consultancy/public informing methods on the existing/soon to be exhibited works of art

e. proposing a committee with an expertize in selecting publicly commissioned artworks

f. establishing criteria for the commission mechanisms and placement of the public artworks

g. corelating all the public space insertion proposals with the General Masterplan, which is currently under work

h. identifying the target groups among the population and the categories of beneficiaries of these interventions


The proposed cultural events will be arranged to follow both a timeline and a theme vector, following these stages:
a. The first workshop will reveal and analize the artistic interventions in the public space of Timișoara and how these are being seen by the specialists, visitors and the general community of the city. For the analysis model, there will be 4 neighbourhoods to consider: 1. the central area, with pedestrian and touristic access; 2. Calea Șagului neighbourhood, a housing blocks area built during the 70s, defined by restrained leisure areas; 3. Calea Lipovei and Sever Bocu area; 4. The student campus
The analysis will study how art can be inserted in these spaces and what impact it could have
b. Public consulting and public advocacy in the deciding factors areas and the neighbourhood consulting committees. The public consulting activity will be led with the help of partners from the West University (faculties of sociology, environmental psychology, urban geography)
c. The second phase of the workshop will reveal the consolidation of various possible urban and local scale strategies
d. Themed conferences, public presentation of the workshops' results
e. Educational program. The project offers a specially conceived component for the general public to develop their interest for contemporary art in the public space. Following the workshops, a special program will make guided tours thoughout the city on pre-established circuits, to generate contact with the exhibited artworks

Liliana Mercioiu Popa

Liliana Mercioiu Popa is a visual artist and a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design, the West University of, Timișoara. She is a founding member of the In-format group. Her approach is aimed at social issues, such as perception and the influence the environment has on humans, the analysis of their behaviour, visible in urban areas, ars poetica approaches, questioning the influence of art on the social context.

Corina Nani

Corina Nani is a visual artist and a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design, the West University of Timișoara. She is coordinating the International Street Art Festivalfrom Timisoara since 2011, taking interest in urban regeneration through art.

Marius Leonte

Marius Leonte is a visual artist. Starting with 2001 he initiated, coordinated and produced 4 sculpture symposiums supported by Tuborg Company in Bucharest, ConstanțaandTimișoara. He is part of INSTALART, an NGO which aims at promoting contemporary visual art in public space, among people.

Levente Kozma

Levente Kozma is a visual artist, founder of the Simultan Festival, a media art festival from Timișoara, and  coordinator of the project Waiting spaces. He is currently working as cultural events coordinator for the Art House, County Department for Culture.

Bogdan Zaha

Bogdan Zaha, one of the architects of the well renowned London based office of Zaha Hadid Architects, studied Architecture in Bucharest and Timisoara, graduated a Zaha Hadid masterclass  at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and participated in the development and research on the principles and theories of architecture parametricism, a style defined by Patrick Schumacher.