15 September


The Equestrian Statue – A Contemporary Subject (?)

The results of the first stage of the competition:

Alexandru Papuc și Cristian Macovei
Marian Gheorghe
Cristian Rusu
Sorin Purcaru
Vlad Nancă


The theme of the contest

The contest launched by the Art Encounters Foundation, with the support of Timișoara City Hall and the Local Council, as part of the Timisoara Biennial of Architecture BETA 2016, tries to find creative solutions to the challenges arising from the theme: “The Equestrian Statue – Contemporary Subject (?)”.

The equestrian statue is a classical theme of art in the public space, with the clear purpose of paying homage to the horse-riding hero, a symbol of power, prestige and bravery in battle. Since the ancient Rome, all through the Renaissance up until the 20th century, the artists received commissions for equestrian statues.These statues dominated the public squares from the heights of imposing pedestals, to remind of glorious victories and to instill courage and patriotic pride.

Fast forward to 2016, this year we celebrate 300 years from the glorious entry of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the fortress of Timișoara, on October 18, 1716, thus putting an endto 164 years of Ottoman occupation.

On this anniversary, we are wondering to what extent the equestrian statue could be a contemporary solution to praise a hero and mark a decisive historical moment. In an era in which visual art is totally liberated from classicalrigour and is free to tackle any themes, techniques and means of expression, what challenge does the equestrian statue pose to the contemporary artist?

The idea of an equestrian statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy is even more intriguing since Timișoara doesn’t have any equestrian statue of a local hero. Important cities in Romania have marked turning points in history by erecting imposing statues. Bucharest pays homage to Carol I of Romania, the founding father of the Romanian Royal Family, Clujcelebrates Mathias Corvinus and Michael the Brave, while Iasi and Suceavahonour Stephen the Great, ruler of Moldavia for 47 years, who fought numerous battles and erected dozens of churches and convents.

In this context, the contest “The Equestrian Statue – A contemporary Subject (?)” invites the artist to a moment of reflection. We aim to find out whether, in 2016, one could approach a classical theme of art in the public space - the equestrian statue - and a 300 years old subject – Prince’s Eugene of Savoy liberation of Timișoara from the Ottoman rule - to create a monument representative for the contemporary art of the 21stcentury.

“The Equestrian Statue – A contemporary Subject (?)” is a contest of ideas. The contest does not include the execution of the project for the public space. The organizer will not be held liable for the production of the winning project.


The contest is open to artists, or groups of 2-5 persons led by an artist, or to students of Romanian or foreign Art Universities.



Vlad Alexandru Gaivoronschi, Ovidiu Șandor, Șerban Sturdza, Horea Avram, Ioana Ciocan.



The prizes are:

The winner – 6.000 RON

The five wining projects of the pre-selection – 600 RON each

All the wining projects of the pre-selection will be published on the Contest website. The sketches will be displayed at InterartTriade Foundation during the “Urban Encounters” session of presentations and dialogue. The prizes will be awarded during the “Urban Encounters” session of presentations and dialogue, which takes place at InterartTriade Foundation, and are offered by Art Encounters Foundation.


Following the competition, Art Encounters Foundation will sponsor the production of the winning project’s mock-up. 


Contest calendar

1. September 15, 2016 – The launch of the contest

2. October 12, 2016, 11:00 pm – Deadline for submitting the projects (email at: contact@artencounters.ro)

The projects must include:

A maximum of two sketches (300dpi, CMYK format) that should contain a design which addresses the concept, an explanatory text for the project (max 2500 characters, including spaces, in Romanian/ English for foreign contestants), the description of the object (technique used, material, dimensions) and the name of the person proposing the idea.  If pre-selected, the projects will be printed on 70 cm H x 50 cm L boards and will be presented in the contest exhibition.

A resume of the participant, Word format, including the date and place of birth, studies, exhibition activity (max. 2500 signs, including spaces).

Contact information for the participant (address, email, telephone).


3. Selection process

3.1. Pre-selection

October 13 – October 17, 2016

The Jury will choose a maximum of 5 sketches to be displayed atInterartTriade Foundation during the “Urban Encounters” session of presentations and dialogue.

The selection process will consider the relation between meeting the theme of the contest and approaching the subject in a contemporary key. There are no restrictions for the type of materials to be used.


3.2.  Final selection

October 20-October 21, 2016

Out of the 5 pre-selected sketches, following the discussions from the “Urban Encounters” session of presentations and dialogue, the jury will nominate the winning project.


4. Exhibition and Prizes

October 20-October 21, 2016

Art Encounters Foundation will sponsor the printing of the pre-selected projects and will exhibit them in a dedicated show, starting on Thursday, October 20. Art Encounters will not be held responsible for supporting the artists’ presence in the exhibition.

The winner will be announced at the end of the “Urban Encounters” session of presentations and dialogue, on October 21, 2016. Art Encounters Foundation will sponsor the production of the winning project’s mock-up. 

 You can find the contest rules here.

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