7 p.m.

9 p.m.

08 October


Opening: Yes, but there is a problem

The opening event of „Yes But” invites Julia Oravecz and Samu Szemerey to present the exhibition which contains urban planing strategies and the people involved in their design, administration and application. The authors gather the conclusions of a long period of close-up following contemporary planing and management proposals of community space, with the involvement of the locals, the reaction of the authorities and the effects that were achieved.

The exhibition analyzes urban projects and policies from the CEE region that support more flexible, incomplete, and possibly more resilient urban systems. Understanding these developments in their context may help us find answers to questions such as: How can we turn the fragmentation of information and responsibilities into an interoperable system? Are there new tools of accountability that allows process-based development, durable partnerships and innovation? Can new urban strategies lead to lasting structural change in urban planning? And last but not least: what is the role of designers in this transition?

Júlia Oravecz

Júlia Oravecz studied History of Art and Art and Design Management in Budapest. Member of KEK and Kultúrgorilla, she is working as curator and project manager in contemporary design and urbanism. Her main interests are the intersections of urban design and social innovation, the cooperation based use of urban spaces and the practices of temporary use management agencies. Founder and organizer of KEK’s Open! Festival.

Samu Szemerey

Samu Szemerey is an architect and urbanist interested in design as inquiry. His works investigate the relationship of contemporary culture, accessible technology and the human environment. He is a founding member and curator of KÉK Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center.