9 a.m.

8 p.m.

02 November


Upgrade My City

Upgrade My City 2016 is an event organized by the Timiş Terriorial Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects and Smart City Association, in partnership with Alergotura, StartUp Hub and In Edu, with the purpose of identifying, promoting and implementing the ideas that can improve the quality of urban life, while stimulating the large-scale involvement of the city’s inhabitants.

At its first edition, Upgrade My City 2016 is structured in four categories treating four distinct domains - education, urbanism, entrepreneurship, well-being - which will be approached by means of two components: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will consist of a series of three lectures selected by the curators of each category while the practical one will take the shape of workshop during which participants along with the tutors will identify feasible projects which can produce visible improvements in the quality of urban life, under the assesment frameworks pertaining to each domain.

The concrete results of the event will take shape through the endorsement of the practical component (the workshop) and the implementation of selected projects as well as through the development of an active and involved community monitoring and permanently debating the quality parameters of urban life.

Christopher Bohlens

Christopher Bohlens studied economics and political science at the Leuphana University in Germany. He works at Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in the Project „FragDenStaat.de“. He is also connected with Code for Hamburgand, his topics are digital urban development by using Open Data, Freedom of information laws (FOI) and citizen participation.

Yannick Haan

Yannick Haan works at the organization Science in Dialogue where he is responsible for the project Hack your City. Before he worked as a scientific assistant in the German Parliament. He is the co-author of the book “Society in digital shift” that was published in 2013. He is speaker for net policy for the social democratic party in Berlin and ambassador for the Foundation for the rights of future generations.

Vera Marin

Vera Marin is an architect specialised in integrated urban development and project management. President of "Asociația pentru Tranziție Urbană" from 2001, she coordinated many aplied research projects, but also community development in relation with the space projects.