10 a.m.

7 p.m.

Galeria Helios

14 October


Energy spots

The future of architecture in 21st century belongs to the future of cities – metropolises we live in, which were always a topic for many theorists and architects. The exhibition focuses on the quickly-developing Belgrade.

This exhibition is an attempt to point, on a small scale, to particular spatial and energy spots of the city. According to chosen authors and creative teams, these spots have the potential to point to possible solutions of recognized urban problems which are present in other urban environments as well.

The future that is ahead features technological innovation, quick acting and lack of empathy, the absence of live, personal human contacts, but also the increasing leaning towards and depending on what Marc Augé calls non-spaces. Our post-futurist mood is based on the idea that in the future there will be no light, while we also doubt that future means progress.

The other aspect of this attitude is the fact that architectural work is optimistic by its very nature, because it assumes creation, building, new quality. We believe that, in spite of limitations which are inherent in the time that is ahead us – political instability, permanent migrations, insufficient and inadequate housing space, climate change, lack of power resources – architects have to cooperate with experts in other areas in order to offer solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life. We believe that the right to better quality of life is a basic human right and part of how we see the future of cities, which is why not only architecture, but the whole of human production is directed towards exercising that right.

Selected authors and teams provide their own vision of a possible production of space of the city in our near future, approaching the following subjects: Bartleby in Belgrade, In-Between spaces, Model of temporary housing, Between projection and execution, Urban Yoga Beograd


Curators: Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić, Danica Jovović Prodanović, Ružica Sarić
Authors: Anja Humljan (Slovenia), Miloš Kosec (Slovenia), Petokraka, S.O.B.A., Dušan Stojanović & amp, Pavle Stamenović, TEAM8 (Ana Dušmanović, Jelena Stanković, Maja Kopta, Mihajlo ladoje, Nikola Arsić, Stefan Milićević, Tijana Savić)
Photo credits: Senja Vild

Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodic

Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodic graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. She worked at studios from UK, Belgrade, Budapest and together with Goran Vojvodic founded the office Birovia. Jelena teaches at the Faculty of Art and Design at Megatrend University and she is a member of union of Architects of Serbia, Do.co.mo.mo Serbia, and Serbian Chamber of Engineers and one of the founders and program directors of BINA

Danica Jovović Prodanović

Danica Jovović Prodanović graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. She worked at the IAUS, the Cultural Center of Belgrade (as director), the Museum in Belgrade (as director). She is the holder of the Order of Knight of the French Order of the Arts and Literature and one of the founders and program directors of BINA.

Ruzica Saric

Ruzica Saric, graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. Together with Jovan Saric, she founded Office Sardo Architects in 2009. She is also a member of Union of Serbian Architects, Do.co.mo.mo Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Engineers and editorial team of Professional Magazine Forum. She is one of the Founders and Authors of the BINA project