17 October


The BETA 2016 competition exhibition has been moved in the public space

For the BETA 2016 competion* to be a relational interface within the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates, we decided to bring it into the public space.

This approach brings to the forefront one of the key elements of the Timișoara architecture biennial: collaboration. In this regard, we have initiated a number of partnerships with various locations from the city center that have adopted the exhibition panels in their windows.

We invite you to discover them along with the city between October 17th and November 20th!

The map of the partner locations can be found here.

* The BETA 2016 competition is one of the main events of the Timișoara architecture biennial BETA organized by the Timiş Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects. The BETA 2016 competition exhibition includes 78 works from Romania, Hungary and Serbia submitted in 16 categories. In order to bring the exhibition in the public space, the organizers selected 40 exhibitional panels (excepting the works submitted in the Graduation projects category that are exposed in Timișoara's Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and the essays submitted in the Architectural text category). In the complete format, the exhibition can be visited with the occasion of the jury conferences that will take place between 23rd-25th of November at the County Council. The winners of the BETA 2016 competition will be announced on the 26th of November; the jury will award a prize for each of the 16 competition categories.