9 a.m.

6 p.m.

Piața Sinaia

07 October


Workshop: LIGHT EDU

Who loves and then leaves?

Social Lightscape Workshop Series

By Configuring Light (LSE) in partnership with iGuzzini

In the framework of LIGHT EDU Symposium, Elettra Bordornaro and Don Slater, two members of the interdisciplinary research programme Configuring Light (London School of Economics), will coordinate a workshop on social research in design, an interactive process of “understanding a space in its complexity”.

Social research in design can play a crucial role in regenerating and activating the current situation in the area of Piața Sinaia: a neglected historical public space in which lighting, despite its potential centrality, only plays a marginal role in the creation of public urban life.

With a specific focus on socio-spatial analysis, the workshop will be acting as an introduction class to this methodology. Based on the conclusions of the outcome study, the lighting design interventions will be developed at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism during the first semester, with eLearning support from Configuring Light.

For more details, please consult the LIGHT EDU website.

Elettra Bordonaro

Architect and lighting designer. She is founder and creative director at Light Follows Behaviour, lighting design studio with the aim to design with people and for people. Awarded a PhD in 2006 at the University of Architecture in Turin with the thesis: Technology and Innovation for Architecture and Industrial Design concentrated on urban lighting, Elettra has a background as architect. She has focused her attention on light and worked as lighting designer consultant on masterplan, exterior and public realm lighting. She has been teaching at the University of Rome, Milan and Turin and she is currently visiting professor at Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Providence, USA. 

Don Slater

Dr Don Slater is a co-founder of Configuring Light/Staging the Social and Associate Professor (Reader) in Sociology at the LSE. His current research builds on an extensive research and publishing record in the sociology of material culture and economic life, new media and digital culture, and visual culture.

Don initially became interested in light as a material that is part of all social life, staging and structuring the way we interact with each other and our environment. This led to a series of studies concerned with how lighting designers, planners and architects can work with social researchers to better understand the social worlds in which they intervene.